Smartphone Addiction: Are You Hooked & Does It Really Matter?

In the future we will communicate only through our smartphones and Google Glass, using pulses in our brains to send messages. We’ll never need to speak again, as a like on Facebook or a retweet will form the basis of conversation and we’ll let friends know what we are doing by simply uploading photos on Instagram or creating a board on Pinterest and sharing.

Our hands will become clawed typing machines and our mouths obsolete except for consuming food and drink. Our pupils will become square to accommodate the numerous screens we view our lives through. In the end we won’t even have to leave the house. We can just lie in bed all day talking to people using technology and our income will come in through blogs.

Okay, maybe that’s a slightly exaggerated, dystopian image of the future, but we’re sure some technophobes out there do genuinely believe this is possible. The end is nigh and all that. An Arnold Schwarzenegger type is going to come back and kill us all. Our microwave oven is watching us. Etcetera etcetera….

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